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Welcome to SnowRider! SnowRider Online Magazine is converting its content to the world’s first free online snowmobile encyclopedia, as well as providing news releases from organizations and clubs.

We welcome you to submit your snowmobile related information for inclusion as we expand. This Internet snowmobile encyclopedia will ultimately include everything to do with snow machines, from vintage sleds and modern snowmobiles to snowmobile clubs to the best snowmobiling trails. Email us at

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desi bubs comdesi bubs comdesi bubs combubs desi bubs comdesi bubs combubsbubsbubsbubs Click below to read the latest entry in the Snowmobile Encyclopedia:

We’re also working on an ATV encyclopedia, so welcome your content for it too!

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David & Linda Aksomitis snowmobiling in Saskatchewans QuAppelle Valley

David & Linda Aksomitis snowmobiling in Saskatchewan's Qu'Appelle Valley

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